Eagle’s Self-insured Employers HIPAA Policy Templates

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Group Health Plans for Self-insured Employers HIPAA Policy Templates

These policies are designed for employers with group health plans that are outsourced to TPAs, and whose role involves enrollment, termination, and open enrollment activities, occasional advocacy assistance to employees regarding coverage decisions, and review and approval of claim payments. Employers that have more extensive involvement in the claims adjudication process, or who are involved in activities such as stop-loss coverage decisions, or who assume other obligations in the operations of the plan, may require additions to these policies.

  • Version 2.0 of these policies is compliant with both HITECH ACT and 2013 Omnibus Rule
  • The policies and procedures address both the policy requirements for the covered entity (the employee benefit plans) and the procedures that are required of the Plan Sponsor.
  • Quickly bring your self employer policies with HIPAA rules for self-insured plans
  • Saves you $1000’s in consulting fees
  • Enjoy downloadable policies are in convenient Microsoft Word format for easy editing and adjustments for your business
  • Receive satisfaction guaranteed by Eagle Consulting Partners, a leading consultant for IT security policies in healthcare

Contents Include:

Eagle Guarantees its HIPAA Policy Templates1000 HIPAA Policy Definitions
1010 HIPAA – General Rules
1020 Minimum Necessary Policy and Separation of Plan from Plan Sponsor
1030 Confidentiality Safeguards (Oral & Written)
1050 Plan Sponsor Communications with Members regarding the Plan
1300 Contracting with Third Parties
1320 Non-intimidation and Non-retaliation
1330 HIPAA Assignments and Documentation
1350 Policy Updating and Staff Training

HIPAA Policies for Group Health PlansHIPAA SECURITY POLICIES
2000 HIPAA Security Officer and Security Management Process
2030 Breach Reporting
2040 Technical Safeguards and Facility Security
2050 Reporting of Privacy/Security Violations, Plan Sponsor Employee Sanctions, and Mitigation

Appendix A – Required Designations
Appendix B – Certification Statement
Appendix C – Minimum Necessary and Separation Provisions
Appendix D – Release Form for Plan Sponsor Advocacy
Appendix E – Sample Business Associate Agreement

Gary Pritts, Founder of Eagle Consulting Partners, Inc

Gary Pritts, Founder of Eagle Consulting Partners, Inc

About the Author:  Gary Pritts is Founder and President of Eagle Consulting Partners.  His extensive work with over 1,000 organizations – including medium and large organizations with self-insured group health plans — has led to these policies.    Gary began his HIPAA work during the federal government’s original drafting of the HIPAA regulations, by providing technical input to the government.  His experience grew as HIPAA consultant to 1000+ organizations, hospital trustee, CSO for a cloud healthcare messaging company and executive in a health claims clearinghouse.   All of these experiences have come together to produce policies that address the requirements of a self-insured group health plan — including the obligations of the plan sponsor and those of the plan itself.

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