Public Health Agency Solutions

Eagle has served multiple public health agencies and provides the following services to public health agencies:

  • Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures. HIPAA requires that public health agencies utilize comprehensive policies for HIPAA Privacy and Security compliance.  Eagle offers policy templates specifically designed for the unique requirements of public health agencies.  Eagle can also create customized policies for compliance with HIPAA and state law tailored to your individual needs. Ohio Health Districts:  for a limited time, through an arrangement with the Public Health Nursing Section of the Ohio Public Health Association, Eagle is offering its policy templates to all Ohio health districts for no cost; contact Eagle for more details!
  • Computer Security Risk Analysis. HIPAA requires periodic completion of a computer security risk analysis. Eagle uses a comprehensive protocol that evaluates technical security capabilities, administrative processes such as background checks and termination procedures, and employee security awareness through simulated phishing attacks. Eagle provides you with a report that identifies risks, provides recommended courses of action, and prioritizes the risks that are most urgent.
  • Technical Vulnerability Analysis
  • Data Breach Response
  • Policy Gap Analyses
  • HIPAA Compliance Audits
  • HIPAA Training
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Other HIPAA-Related Services


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Eagle has a long experience in successful risk assessment and solutions for physician's practices.

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