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What you’re up against:

Eagle helps your practice succeed under MIPS -- avoid penalties and maximize incentives.

Eagle helps your practice succeed under MIPS & MACRA — avoid penalties and maximize incentives.

  • Complicated 2,400 page regulation
  • Multiple submission methods for measures cause complexities
  • Penalty is up to 9% of Medicare Reimbursements
  • Certain regulatory changes every year of the program

Eagle MIPS Buster Features:

  • Detailed review of Practice’s current position
  • Optimization of Measures and EHR to ensure positive performance
  • Monthly monitoring of progress
  • Strategies to optimize incentives and avoid penalties

Eagle MIPS Buster Solution Helps You:

  • Avoid penalties of up to $68,000 over the first 5 years (based on $200,000 in Medicare reimbursements a year)
  • Maximize incentives up to $372,000 over first 5 years!
  • Avoid headaches of learning complicated regulations
MIPS Adjustment - 5 year practice impact

(click to enlarge) – MIPS 5-year impact for a single physician billing $200k/year of Medicare.  Negative penalties are fixed, positive incentives are variable. The 5-year impact for this physician could be as high as $372,000.

MACRA uses the “Robin Hood method.” Low performing practices are penalized. The penalties are distributed to high performing practices. In a year where a high number of practices are penalized, the high performing practices will receive bonuses as high as 37% of Medicare. That’s a lot of money, but the rules are complex…

Who you gonna call??  Eagle MIPS Busters!

The Eagle MIPS Busters service helps practice maximize their MIPS score.  The higher the score, the higher the bonus. The Eagle MIPS Busters save you time and grief, eliminate penalties, and maximize incentives.

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Eagle Helps with MIPS, MACRA, & Meaningful Use Solutions

Eagle has helped many practices with MIPS, MACRA, PQRS & Meaningful Use Solutions

 More Details About MIPS & MACRA


How Will MACRA/MIPS Affect My Practice?

Eagle Solves MIPS ImpactMACRA implementation begins on January 1, 2017. Most providers will be subject to MIPS in the first year of MACRA whether or not they plan to participate in an Advanced APM. The penalty maximum penalty in the 1st year for failing to report, is a 4% reduction in Medicare reimbursements for 2019. This penalty rises to 9% by 2022. Furthermore, since MACRA replaces the sustainable growth rate, don’t expect to see any increases in the reimbursement even if you avoid penalties.

Eagle's MIPS Buster Solution Details

Typical Eagle MIPS Buster Solution

Eagle Consulting MIPS Solutions1) Quality Performance Category

a) Optimization of Measure Selection

b) Workflow implementation support

c) Data collection support

d) Submission Assistance

2) Advancing Care Information Performance Category

a) Stage 2 measure optimization

b) Security Risk Analysis – Protecting Patient Health Information

c) HIPAA Policy creation and implementation

d) Monthly Status Monitoring

3) Improvement Activities Performance Category

a) Activity Selection

b) Workflow implementation support

c) Attestation Support


More About MIPS & MACRA

More about MIPS and MACRAThe Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) was the Congressional solution to the ending of the sustainable growth rate. Each day nearly 10,000 retirees and baby boomers join the rolls of Medicare. Ten years from now Medicare would be either broke or workers would be paying 50% more on the Medicare taxes, thus reducing pay and take home income. The problem was caused by several factors. The number of workers paying for each retirees benefits is falling and the cost of providing health care is ballooning. This legislation was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and has left us with the Quality Payment Programs, implementing new payment methods for healthcare.

The MACRA’s principle creation, the Quality Payment Programs, is designed to change the structure of reimbursements for Medicare. The Quality Payment Programs introduced the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Advanced Alternative Payment Models (Advanced APMs). These two programs aim to change the way for which healthcare is paid. The underlying theme of both of these programs is paying for quality and value as opposed to each service rendered.

Eagle Consulting Partners, are experts on MIPS and how it impacts practices. We work with practices to develop strategies to maximize their payment incentive while providing increasingly high quality, highly commutative care. One of the main initiatives of MIPS is the advancement of sharing information among providers, specialists, and patients. Our services can help you prepare for MIPS and earn the maximum incentive.

Eagle MIPS Busters -- Solutions for MACRA and MIPS

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