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Cloud Storage and HIPAA – Are You Compliant?

The computing industry is moving to a cloud-centric model, and one of the significant trends is moving business data storage into the cloud. In many cases, cloud storage is more convenient, flexible, and cost-effective than maintaining your own physical hardware and...

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100 Days of HIPAA Enforcement under President Trump

It hasn't been widely publicized, but President Trump's administration brought five HIPAA enforcement actions, totaling $11,631,000, during his first 100 days in office.  The appointment of Roger Severino as the Director, Office of Civil Rights (OCR), on March 22,...

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Security Risk Analysis deadline under ACI is 12/31/2017

The Security Risk Analysis (SRA) remains a requirement for the new Advancing Care Information (ACI) category of MIPS. A change enacted this year requires that the SRA be complete by 12/31/2017 under ACI, the Medicaid Meaningful Use program for physicians, and Hospital Meaningful Use programs. Practices who need outside help are advised to schedule their early to ensure that it is completed on time, and to avoid

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