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EHRs can Kill Patients

Ten years after the EHR-promoting HITECH Act was passed, many EHRs still struggle with functionality, are not user friendly, don’t “talk to each other”, and even malfunction, according to Fortune and Kaiser Health News. Most of of the time, these issues merely result in frustration among physicians and staff. The Fortune/Kaiser article makes clear that EHR problems are resulting in outcomes far worse — including patient injury, permanent disability and even death. Effective risk analyses will factor the impact of EHR errors.

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10 Cybersecurity Basics for Small Practices

Small medical practices are not immune from cyberattacks, but complex defensive recommendations can seem overwhelming. Here we break down our top 10 list of cybersecurity basics that will help small practices protect themselves from data breaches and other cybersecurity risks.

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Portuguese Hospital Fined For GDPR Violations

In October 2018, a Portuguese hospital was fined 400,000 euros for 3 GDPR violations. The violations stem from the hospital’s alleged improper data access controls, failure to apply basic technical and organizational safeguards to prevent access to personal data, and failure to test the safeguards that ensure the security of data processing. The hospital is contesting the decision.

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HIPAA/GDPR Policy Templates Now Available!

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect, US-based healthcare organizations and HIPAA business associates who handle data of European Union citizens may have to comply with GDPR and HIPAA simultaneously. Our comprehensive and customizable HIPAA and GDPR policy templates help you comply with both.

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