About Eagle Consulting Partners

Eagle Consulting protects organizations from cybersecurity failures, and helps them ensure compliance with privacy and security standards and regulations.

Our specialties include comprehensive services for HIPAA compliance for any organization subject to HIPAA, supporting physician practices with MIPS/MACRA and Meaningful Use, and providing other healthcare information technology-related services.

How we do business

  • Our organization is inspired by Catholic Values.  We approach everyone with love, care, and respect.
  • We believe in authentic connection in all of our interactions, with clients, vendors, co-workers, and others.
  • We deliver high-quality work and seek to exceed client expectations.

Areas of Expertise

We have deep expertise with the entire spectrum of the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification rules for any organization subject to the HIPAA regulations.


We Keep You Informed About HIPAA Security…

Eagle provides Office 365 data backup solutions.

Do I Need a Data Backup Strategy for Office 365?

Are you prepared with a data backup strategy for Office 365?  The February 2021 version of the Microsoft HIPAA Business Associate agreement states that it will “comply...

COVID-19 and HIPAA: Social Distancing Using Video Chat

Social Distancing  and Telehealth Over the last several weeks, HHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has issued multiple press releases regarding HIPAA compliance during the...

Free Online Course: COVID-19 — How to be Safe and Resilient

Northeastern University’s Global Resilience Institute has just launched a short online course that provides life-saving skills for dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak....

Secure Work-From-Home with Free Toolkit from SANS

Quickly train and enable your workforce to securely work from home with this free toolkit from The SANS Institute. Many organizations are understandably struggling with...
coronavirus phishing

Hackers using Coronavirus Phishing Emails – Protect Your Employees

Hackers are taking advantage of the coronavirus global health crisis to attack organizations of all sizes. Alert your personnel to keep them security aware! So many of...
Telehealth Rules

CMS Relaxes Reimbursement Rules and HIPAA Enforcement for Telehealth amid COVID-19 Crisis

Telehealth Rules Temporarily Changing Due to the COVID-19 emergency, CMS has temporarily relaxed rules regarding telehealth; Medicare will pay for E&M encounters at...
HIPAA texting

Does HIPAA Permit Texting Patients? – Part 1

HIPAA and Texting Physicians ask, "Can I text my patients when they have follow-up questions?" or "Can I use FaceTime on my iPhone for a video conference with a...
iran cyberattack

Iran Cyberattack: DHS and National Terrorism Advisory System Issue Bulletin

Iran Cyberattack Bulletin The Department of Homeland Security's National Terrorism Advisory System has issued a bulletin following the US's recent military action.Their...

New Guidance Published by HHS and DoE for HIPAA/FERPA Interaction for Ohio DD Boards

Regulatory Confusion and Complexity County DD Boards navigate the complexities of multiple overlapping regulations -- HIPAA, FERPA, IDEA, Ohio Revised Code, and Ohio...
Free cybersecurity

Heard in the Hallways at the OACB: Free Cybersecurity for County Boards!

In the corridors during the OACB Convention, I had the opportunity to chat with the Information Technology leadership from an Eagle client, one of the state's largest...
customer experience email

OACB Reflections: Improving the Customer Experience While Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

Eagle Consulting Partners was pleased to participate in the OACB Annual Conference in Columbus, which included a focus on improving the customer experience.  Over our...
email security

Office 365 Users, Time to Upgrade your Email Security!

Office 365 Users... The booming popularity of the Office 365 solution from Microsoft has brought with it a nasty side effect – unwanted phishing emails.  By default,...
*Eagle Consulting Partners is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

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