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Eagle’s policy template helps you increase security, gain compliance, and avoid fines

A complete package of procedures, templates, a compliance portal and training for your staff.

HIPAA Compliance Program for Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

What’s Included: 

✅Eagle’s Policies and Procedures for TPAs

✅Eagle’s Security Risk Assessment Template

✅Access to Compliance Portal (1 year)

✅HIPAA Training Video

✅HIPAA Test and Training Certification

Eagle’s Policies and Procedures

Eagle’s 80-page policy manual is included. All policies have been updated for HIPAA compliance with the latest requirements, including the HITECH Act of 2009, the Breach Notification Rule, and the 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Rule.


  • Policies are organized by audience to speed staff training and for easy use
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed by Eagle Consulting Partners, a leading expert in HIPAA compliance


  • Covers the “Privacy Rule” as well as updates to the HIPAA “Breach Notification” and “Security Rule”
  • Sample Authorization Form
  • 2 Sample Business Associate Agreements
  • Record “Minimum Necessary” Designations

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Eagle’s Security Risk Assessment Template

The Security Risk Assessment Template will be your primary tool in conducting your own HIPAA Risk Assessments.

Eagle’s policy template helps you increase security, gain compliance, and avoid fines. At left is our security assessment template and at right is our policy template with search and replace functionality. We also provide a compliance portal, training video and test and certification for your team.

Eagle’s policy template helps you increase security, gain compliance, and avoid fines


  • Takes the thought and effort out of conducting your own HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Complete the Risk Assessment in record time


  • Automatically calculates the impact of a major breach
  • Prioritizes your most pressing tasks
  • Identifies vulnerabilities or threats and standard best practices
  • Automatically-generated report

Eagle Compliance Portal (1 year)

The Eagle Compliance Portal is a web-based platform which assists TPAs in storing important compliance documentation and tracking compliance tasks.

  • Store, and make accessible to staff, policy manuals and other HIPAA-required files.
  • Stay on top of your compliance duties by utilizing the task management dashboard, which includes notifications, reminders, and capability to assign tasks.
  • Track completed and outstanding employee training

HIPAA Training Video

Easily train your staff on what they need to know regarding their HIPAA duties. The video will also show staff how to properly use your customized Eagle HIPAA policies and procedures.

HIPAA Test and Training Certification

Staff are free to complete a comprehensive, multiple choice test on the material covered in the training video. Those who score a passing grade can be awarded a HIPAA training certificate.

Eagle Guarantees its HIPAA Policy Templates

Eagle Consulting offers custom HIPAA and GDPR policy templates

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Protect your organization!

Eagle Consulting offers custom HIPAA and GDPR policy templates

Only Eagle brings decades of healthcare experience to a strong GDPR policy that ALSO covers HIPAA regulations!

About Jacob Overdorff

Jacob Overdorff, Consultant for Eagle Consulting

Jacob is a consultant at Eagle Consulting with a legal background and strong focus on HIPAA-Compliance obligations.  He graduated from University of Akron School of Law in 2015, has worked as a law clerk for the International Institute of Akron, and brings research, client service, and management skills to the team.

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