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DD leaders, are you making the right data security investments for your Board? Unsure of your cyber risks or whether sensitive computer IT is protected? Worried about information security and not sure where to start? Read our latest IT security guide for DD Board leaders!


Why Investing Matters Now More Than Ever

At Eagle Consulting Partners, we have 17 years of experience providing HIPAA compliance and information security risk management consulting to over 70 of Ohio’s county Boards of Developmental Disabilities.

This white paper is a roadmap for DD Board leaders to follow, with special focus on the needs of small and medium county DD Boards.

IT Security Guide

In This Report You Will Learn About…

Cyber Risks are Not Isolated to the IT Department

Here is a sneak preview from the report:

For Ohio County DD Boards, cyber risks are no longer isolated to the IT Department. Information security incidents represent critical risks to the agency’s operations, disrupt services to the community, and can total hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in financial impacts. DD Boards of all sizes cannot afford to downplay these risks.

To superintendents at small and medium county DD Boards, the challenges can seem insurmountable without the heftier budgets and sizeable IT Departments of Ohio’s larger counties. Fortunately, agencies in smaller counties are just as capable of developing robust and secure information systems that provide many benefits to the Board.

This roadmap has four major themes:

  1. Cyber threats to DD Boards have never been higher.
  2. Boards must invest in secure information systems to avoid potentially crippling impacts and to improve operations and service delivery.
  3. Information security can seem overwhelming, but Boards can achieve major benefits by just doing the basics well.
  4. Board leaders don’t have to go it alone. Instead, they should partner with experts and follow the examples of others.

We start by summarizing major information security risks and considerations for DD Boards.

Then, we profile the Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities, studying how this medium-sized county agency north of Cincinnati transformed their information systems from behind-the-times and insecure to modern, efficient, and secure.

Finally, we summarize key lessons, pulled from the Warren County case study and Eagle’s years of experience with county DD Boards, that superintendents and other leaders from small-to-medium-sized DD Boards can implement.

Download the report now to continue reading…

After the white paper, explore our solutions for Ohio county DD Boards.

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