Eagle President Gary Pritts offers a special message of support for Ohio DD Boards during this national health emergency.

This is a stressful time for all of us.  We know that you are coping with major changes in your agency.  Please know that we are working to provide resources to you, and all of the DD boards around the state, to help you navigate this time.

Because of the stress that we feel, many of us are frantically surfing the web, monitoring the news, checking social media, and opening emails.  Unfortunately, bad actors are taking advantage, and we are seeing a surge of phishing emails which can bring bad outcomes for the agency.  So attached are some training resources that we hope will be helpful.

Many agencies are shifting to work-at-home.  This brings multiple challenges, so also attached is a tool kit from SANS, a highly respected organization, to help your agency navigate that transitions.

Based on input from a number of our customers, we are preparing additional guidance that we hope to make available early next week.  Please know that you, your staffs and the people you serve remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Additional Resources:

** During this time of crisis, we are offering discounts to our normal rates to help agencies respond to the evolving needs And, in addition to our core offerings of HIPAA security and compliance-related matters, we can also provide support for setup and employee training for some of the popular platforms for remote working, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others.  Please feel free to call Gary directly at 216-503-0355.**

You, your staffs, and the people you serve remain in our thoughts and prayers.

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