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CMS published its 2019 MIPS rule on November 1, 2018.  Each year, succeeding with MIPS becomes progressively harder.  Eagle Consulting is providing a resource, a redlined version of this MIPS rule showing changes from the previous year.  Our intent is to aid organizations in maximizing their success under MIPS.

CMS and the trade press are providing summaries of the key elements for the new MIPS rules.  However, a full understanding requires a review of the regulation text itself.  Eagle Consulting Partners expended tremendous energy in creating a redlined document that provides you the actual text of 2019 MIPS.  The redlining shows you the changes to the regulations from the previous year.

This redline was carefully prepared so that the reader can quickly see the key changes from the previous rule.  Rather than replace entire sections, every effort was made to make the year-over-year changes readily visible.  The way every change is presented was meticulously thought out and crafted with the reader in mind.

Where applicable, you will also be able to ascertain which subsection marker the relevant text used to be. For example, the new section 414.1315(c)(3)(iv) used to be section 414.1315(c)(3)(v), and these instances are marked with blue text.

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