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FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center

The FBI just published a Public Service Announcement alerting organizations to a drastic rise in “gift card” Business Email Compromise (BEC) incidents. I have heard from Eagle clients who recently experienced this type of attack, so we want to make sure all of you are aware of this trend.

Here’s a summary of these incidents from the FBI alert:

The victims received either a spoofed email, a spoofed phone call or a spoofed text from a person in authority requesting the victim purchase multiple gift cards for either personal or business reasons. In a typical example, a victim receives a request from their management to purchase gift cards for a work related function or as a present for a special personal occasion. The gift cards are then used to facilitate the purchase of goods and services which may or may not be legitimate.

BEC Gift Cards by Victim Count

Read the complete FBI alert on the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center website, including suggestions for protection and what to do if you are a victim.

Stay safe out there!

How prepared are your employees for phishing, business email compromise, and other social engineering attacks like this?

Do you have a robust security awareness training program to keep them — and your organization — safe from email and internet threats?

Eagle Consulting Partners can implement a comprehensive security awareness program for your health organization to reduce risks related to employee behavior. Contact us today for more information!

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Mike is a consultant at Eagle Consulting helping hospitals and medical practices protect their patients through risk analysis and HIPAA information security consulting. He brings experience in managing operations for the logistics and supply chain systems of a federal government agency, helping over 36,000 users worldwide with business process training and related system needs.

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